Growing up in Europe there were certain things and sights that I took for granted, or simply became so familiar that I didn’t really notice them anymore. As much as I miss my home continent one… View Post

While I was in Las Vegas I went for dinner in Paris which made me reminisce about my trip to the City of Light in May. The list of all the things that I love about… View Post

The senseless violence last week here in the States, back in Europe and across the world has played heavy on my mind this weekend, I’m saddened that these acts have become so commonplace in today’s society and… View Post

Pink Ombre FlowersPresent shopping to bring home with meBeginning to plan my packing list The American has been away in Las Vegas this week and I’ve much enjoyed having the apartment to myself for a few… View Post

This week I have been embracing January and focusing on the small things that make me happy; fresh flowers, spending time with friends and family (in person or via Skype), trying new beauty products and anticipating upcoming events (my… View Post