The weather this weekend was mixed which gave me the perfect excuse to catch up on sports back in Europe including Djovokic’s shock Wimbledon exit and Germany vs Italy’s match, which went down to penalties. The slightly… View Post

I’m excited for the festivities this weekend, not only is it 4th of July but it’s also the birthday weekend for several of my friends. We will be celebrating with picnics in the parks, BBQs… View Post

I am a huge fan of stripes (as seen evidenced here and here) but try to limit them to spring/summer wear to prevent looking like a human zebra, so when the season hits I fully… View Post

  As a Brit, 4th of July isn’t normally a holiday that I would celebrate but living in the States (and being a big fan of birthdays) I embraced the holiday with red, white and… View Post

Happy 4th of July! I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend celebrating with friends and watching the fireworks. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!