photo-48 There are so many subtle differences between the US and UK which I love discovering, sometimes on a daily basis. At a family birthday recently my aunt made a chocolate covered Malteser cake (aka a chocolate lovers dream) and as The American had never come across Maltesers in his time in London it sparked many questions about the USA equivalent to the chocolate treat.
For me, Maltesers bring back memories of childhood sleepovers where you would try to find an affordable snack to bring for the famous ‘midnight feast’, as Maltesers came in a box they seemed a grown up gift to bring to the host.
I am not a big fan of chocolate and particularly American chocolate; I may be biased but I definitely think that the chocolate in England (particularly Cadburys) outpits the US, and don’t even get me started on the delicious offerings in Belgium and Switzerland. So we decided to put it to the test and see who would reign supreme in the match up of Maltesers against the Whopper.

1. Exterior
IMG_7215Almost identical in shape and size, Maltesers are marginally larger and with lighter milk chocolate coating.

2. Interior
Maltesers slogan is lighter than air and that is definitely represented inside, while Whoppers are densely packed, Maltesers have a light honeycomb centre.

3. Taste
Maltesers wins on all fronts; they are lighter & crisper, the chocolate is tastier and they don’t have an articificially sweet flavour; enough said.

4. Fun
For the past few years Maltesers have partnered with Red Nose Day to raise money by encouraging everyone to do something funny and letting their lighter side out, as a lover of games this has made Maltesers not only a yummy snack but also a source of entertainment and here’s the proof:
IMG_7221Maltesers Cheeky Challenge: Pick It Up IMG_7224Maltesers Cheeky Challenge: Clap and BatchIMG_7232Maltesers Cheeky Challenge: Big Air

And the verdict from a slightly biased Brit and a chocolate lover American: Maltesers every time!