eggbags (1)As a Christian country, the UK has a four day weekend for Easter and it has always been one of my favourite times of the year. Growing up Holy Week always culminated with a big celebration on Easter Sunday with family or friends, small gifts and an Easter egg hunt. Although my celebrations will be a smaller scale this year I wanted to make a few gifts for friends and as a lover of nail polish I thought these would make the perfect present to mark the occasion.

Nail Polish in Spring Shades
Plastic Eggs
Easter Grass
Plastic Treat Bags
Ribbon and tag

supplies (1)
Step 1: Pick a nail polish shade for each of your friends


Step 2: Fill the bottom half of the egg with shredded paper and lay the nail polish inside


Step 3: Fill each treat bag with easter grass and chocolates

Step 4: Put the lid back onto the bottom of the egg and place on top of the grass inside the bag


Step 4: Tie ribbon around the top of the bag and attach a name tag



heartmugI love adding seasonal touches around the house and as I have recently developed a taste for herbal teas, I thought it would be fun to make some heart shaped sugar cubes for friends to enjoy when they come round for tea. Not only are they adorable but they are incredibly easy to make and can be customised to fit any holiday, just use the ice cube tray with the appropriate shapes for your theme. They would also make a sweet Valentine’s gift for a friend wrapped with some tea sachets.

Granulated Sugar
Food colouring in any colour of your choice
Heart Shaped Mould
A Bowl and Spoon to mix the ingredients together

1.Select the colour of food colouring you’d like to use.
Measure out ¼ cup of sugar for each colour that you are using. sugarbowls

2. Add ½ tsp of water to each bowl and stir until it resembles wet sand, add a little more water if needed.

3. Add a drop of food colouring and stir. Add a second drop if you would like a deeper shade, it’s easier to start with a lighter tone and and build up the colour rather than trying to mix in more sugar later.

4. Fill the heart moulds with your coloured sugar mix, make sure you press the sugar into the mould as tightly as possible to avoid any gaps or air bubbles. Level the sugar with a spatula or the back of spoon so the hearts are flat.
Let the sugar hearts harden in the moulds at room temperature for a few hours or overnight.

5. When the sugar is completely hard turn the hearts onto a flat surface. They should pop straight out of the tray but you can give the mould a gently tap if needed.
Leave them to sit for a few hours to harden and store in an airtight container.
whitehearts pinkombreheartspinkhearts stripedspoon1sugarheart

IMG_1547I spotted these Anthropologie striped tapers and knew they would make the perfect addition to my Halloween table, as I had already picked up some inexpensive candles I went about recreating my own DIY version.
They couldn’t be easier to make: you can decorate the candle in a couple of simple steps and they can be recreated in any colour combination depending on the candles and tape you have available. They are, however, only decorative and if you want to light them, simply peel the tape off and they will be restored to their former glory.

Candle in any colour of your choice
Black tape

candlesticks1. Select your candles and tape, either in classic black or play around with patterned washi tape.

2. Wrap the tape around the candle spacing them about the tape’s width apart, the tape easily peels off so if you make a mistake it is easy to remove the tape and reposition it.

3. Use one candle to line up the tape for the next candle so they are symmetrical.taped

4. Put candle into your candlestick and display. As the tape is easy to peel off you can switch around the tape to suit different occasions, or, completely remove it to light the candle.IMG_1553

I never like to turn up at a friend’s house empty handed and with Christmas on the horizon I thought it would be fun to put a festive twist on a hostess gift for upcoming engagements. This is a great way to share a well loved recipe and can keep for whenever the host is ready to use it. I opted for these cranberry, nuts and oat biscuits as they have a festive feel but taste just as delicious in January.

The best thing about this gift is that they simple to make, just pick your favourite recipe, measure out the dry ingredients, layer them in a jar and fasten the lid with a Christmas napkin. Include a copy of your recipe and easy baking instructions and tie together with some festive ribbon or twine.


sugar layredcookieoatcookieIMG_4004-2holidayrecipeingredients

I love the childhood tradition of giving out party bags so I decided to make treat bags to give to guests after our halloween gathering this weekend. These favours are quick and easy to put together making them the perfect way to use up any leftover sweets at the end of the evening. Simply fill the craft bags and twist the top to form a stem shape, then wrap floral tape or raffia around to cover the stem.

sweets raffiabagsreesespieceshalloweenfavourschocolate