So long.. April

Like so many people, just when I feel like I’ve got things figured out in this weird time, I’ll have a week like last week, where nothing clicks and everything feels out of sync. But the week ended with the start of May which felt like a fresh start and even though there is still a lot of uncertainty, it was a nice reminder that this won’t last forever. I saw this To-Do List from The Everygirl and I liked how it how broke it down into different areas to focus on. It’s crazy how taking the time for each element can have so much of a difference!

Another thing that came to my attention last week was how much I missed having things to look forward to. I am someone that loves to plan for things and awaiting those things with anticipation is part of the enjoyment. Although I can’t plan trips right now, I can plan little things each week to look forward to. So, for the next couple of weeks we are going to have a different thing to look forward to each day. Monday night is my viral yoga class with friends, Tuesday is Taco night, Thursday is date night, Friday is pizza night, Saturday morning is a long walk and Sunday is for 90s movies.

We kicked it off over the weekend and discovered a new pizza place that a friend had recommended. The food was so delicious and reminded us of one of our favourite Italian spots in San Francisco. Even though I can’t go back home to Europe right now, the sunny weather and delicious Italian food took me there and I could dream, even just for a moment! 


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