TV Shows To Try

Now that social distancing is in full effect and we are all spending so much time at home I thought I would share some current shows to watch, most of which have new series on the horizon. I’m normally a big crime/thriller fan but I am on the hunt for something a little lighter so I will keep you posted if I find anything worthy of adding to the list!

Jack Ryan

I became aware of this show due to the recommendation of someone who is a big fan of the books but I actually started watching due to my love for John Krasinski and I stayed watching because it is a really good show and I can’t wait for season 3. The show is based Jack Ryan, a CIA analyst that uncovers information which pulls him from his desk and into the field.

Why Women Kill

From the creator of Desperate Housewives, this comedy drama follows three women in three different decades all living in the same house. The quick dialogue keeps it light and entertaining and as the second season is centred around different characters it doesn’t have the same drawn out nature that some shows suffer.

The Bodyguard

I love watching things that are set back home and of course crime dramas. The show follows a war veteran who is assigned to protect the home secretary and he becomes torn between his duties and his beliefs. So far they have just released one season and it only has 6 episodes so it’s not big commitment for those wanting a quick watch.


Billions centers around a successful and ambitious manager of a hedge fund and a US attorney who use power and games to try and outmanoeuvre each other. Its 5th season is due to air in May and I’m still not bored which says a lot.

Truth Be Told

I didn’t hear much about this series prior to watching but really enjoyed it. The story surrounds a true crime podcaster who is called to reinvestigate a murder case when new evidence is uncovered which suggests that the wrong suspect may have been convicted.

The Morning Show

A lot has been said about this programme as it addresses many topics including the Me Too movement through looking at the modern workplace via a morning television show. There are lots of different characters with differing perspectives and the acting is great.

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