Favourite Lip Balms

Regardless of the time of year, I am on a continual mission to keep my dry lips on the right side of chapped. Whether it is to combat the cold weather, the drying effect of air conditioning or to create a smooth base on which to apply lip products.

To achieve this I have tried a plethora of lip balms over the winter to find that one amazing lip balm that I can use at night and one to have one hand throughout the day when I don’t need any colour but want soft, hydrated skin.


Nighttime is when skin regenerates which is why this lip mask has been on my to try list for a while. It’s thick and luxurious with vitamin C, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid which lock in moisture and left my lips smooth and soft come the morning. This now lives in my nightstand as my go-to nighttime lip product.


This is an incredibly thick formula but applies smoothly. It provides lasting hydration and keep my lips feeling soft for hours.


I wasn’t sure if I would prefer this or the Laneige Sleep Mask as an overnight lip treatment but the Laneige was the clear winner for me. This did do a good job of moisturising my lips but the texture of the balm was not as smooth and the moisturising effects didn’t last as long. As this comes in tinted options I instead use this during the day when I need hydration but want a pop of colour.


I hear so many people rave about this lip balm but for me this just didn’t moisturise my lips. I went back to this a few times but without success.


I liked the application of this, it felt moisturising but didn’t have any lasting effects so I wouldn’t repurchase it. It would probably work for people who don’t have particularly dry lips and don’t need anything too heavy duty. As a personal preference, I wasn’t keen on the coconut scent as it smelt artificial.


I have been using this for years whenever my dry skin is especially parched. I’ve use it on my hands, nails & cuticles and lips and can always rely on this balm to moisture any dry flakiness, leaving it soft and supple. 
I like to keep this in my desk drawer and use it throughout the day to keep my lips hydrated although I wouldn’t take it out and about as I don’t like having to dip my finger in the pot when I’m out, especially in a dirty city.


I use the Laniege Sleep Mask at night and the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Lip Protectant during the day around the house as I find this the most moisturising daytime lip balm but unfortunately I don’t think it’s that hygienic if I’m out. I keep either the Lanolips Multipurpose Balm or the Bite Agave Lip Mask in my bag, I find the Lanolips Multipurpose Balm more hydrating but I like using the Bite Lip Mask if I want a tinted balm.

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