Ways to Practice Self Care

When life is busy it’s easy to get overwhelmed and get caught up with the exhaustion and suddenly the days and weeks go by… but it’s good to stop for a moment to remind ourselves to take the time and to take care of ourselves. Here are a few self-care habits that I’m currently doing and enjoying the benefits of:


At home mani/pedis

As much as I love a mani/pedi, I also love to pick a new bottle of polish and give myself an at home manicure meaning I get a new polish to add to my collection. I also ensure that I block off 45 mins to paint my nails and to allow them to adequately dry and use that time to do whatever I find relaxing which means I feel no guilt about taking time for myself.
My favorite nail polishes at the moment are the Essie gel polishes as they are the only polishes that don’t chip the next day on my hands and I pair them with the Essie gel top coat.


Fresh and Clean

Getting into bed with fresh pajamas and wrapping myself up in freshly washed sheets is one of my favourite feelings. I have also added reading into my nighttime routine as I feel that it calms my mind and switches it off from the day. I am currently reading Aesthetic Intelligence and really enjoying it.



Planning Ahead

I always feel better when I have things to look forward to; on a weekly basis that means a coffee/drink or dinner date with a friend and at least one date night is scheduled in and I like to always have an upcoming trip to look forward to. I have just booked an exciting trip for around my birthday in April that is to somewhere completely new.  I always like to visit new places regularly as I find I return feeling inspired and energised. 


Organising My Space

I am trying to make a conscious effort to prioritise organising and tidying my work space rather than simply diving into work and I have noticed a huge difference in my mindset. As the saying goes a cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind. Whether you opt to spend a couple of hours reorganising and cleaning a few of areas in your home or taking a few minutes each day, you will get to enjoy the instant satisfaction of the results.


Learning to Say No

This last one is something that I am working on this year, allowing myself to say no to people and instead prioritising myself. While I think it is good to seize opportunities, I often find myself saying yes to things that spread myself too thinly and end up putting unnecessary pressure on myself. My aim this year is to distinguish between the two and say no to the latter.

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