The Eiffel Tower

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Growing up in Europe there were certain things and sights that I took for granted, or simply became so familiar that I didn’t really notice them anymore. As much as I miss my home continent one of the nice things about living abroad is the fresh eyes that I return home with. This particularly struck me when I was visiting Paris in Spring. I grew up closer to France than to the north of England so day trips or extended holidays were a frequent occurrence for me and with my sister now living in Paris it continues to be a very familiar city and country to me, so I was surprised by how I felt when I was visiting this year. Every alley, park and neighbourhood held a new excitement for me and when I saw the Eiffel Tower I got a flutter of butterflies that I imagine is the same feeling tourists have on seeing the magnificent monument for the first time.
I always set out to visit new places whenever I return home but it made me realise that I can get the same amount of enjoyment revisiting spots and seeing them with new eyes. Each place that I go now takes on a new meaning which makes every European trip extra special.IMG_9822   IMG_9834  IMG_9913 IMG_9855       IMG_9861

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