Baked Brunch

I have been trying to extend my repertoire of brunch recipes for weekend mornings when we’re trying to get jobs done around the apartment, or if we’re just enjoying a lazy morning at home. These Baked Egg Baskets have already been added to the list and this weekend I came across another great breakfast recipe, Baked Brunch. I love when breakfast dishes are baked as they are normally simple to assemble and just need to be popped in the oven, leaving you 20 mins or so to get on with other things. This recipe definitely fell into that category, the only hands on step involved mixing the eggs and milk, the rest just needed to be layered together in a dish. As I was making it for The American I used bacon and chicken sausage (which the recipe called for) but they could easily be substituted with vegetables or vegetarian sausages. IMG_8844    IMG_8839 (1)  IMG_8840a-1080x1563  IMG_8849-1-1080x1346  IMG_8841-1-1080x1351IMG_8833-2a

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