Paris Part 2

While I was in Las Vegas I went for dinner in Paris which made me reminisce about my trip to the City of Light in May. The list of all the things that I love about Paris is extensive, from the architecture to the fashion. I love wandering around the city admiring the parks and buildings or sitting in a café watching the stylish people pass-by.
As you will see from the photos the weather was grey and moody but even a spot of rain didn’t stop us re-exploring my favourite neighbourhoods park by park and coffee shop by coffee shop. I had a long list of coffee spots that I wanted to visit, even if I have been to a neighbourhood numerous times it feels like a new experience whenever I discover new cafés and restaurants.
We snaked our way around the city walking from St Germain across the Pont Notre Dame to Le Marais and the 1st arrondissement before heading north to Montmartre. I love wandering between Le Marais and the 1st arrondissement, meandering down the cobblestone lanes and admiring the grand buildings that line the royal squares. Around every corner we came across another alley that revealed stylish cafés and brasseries and stunning buildings, there definitely is something magical about Paris.IMG_9091 IMG_9114 IMG_9126IMG_9408 IMG_9168IMG_9153IMG_9146IMG_9129 IMG_9099IMG_9134 IMG_9412IMG_9406IMG_9093 IMG_9396IMG_9390 IMG_9150 IMG_9290IMG_9157IMG_9095

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