Summer To-Do List

IMG_6431As I have been back in England with less than sunny weather, the first day of Summer this week rather snuck up on me. Now that I’m back in San Francisco I am ready to embrace the start of summer so I’ve compiled a list of summery activities to cross off before Labor Day:

  1. Go Berry Picking
    As a child I used to love visiting the berry farms so I plan to recreate the tradition in California.
  2. Take a Mid Week Trip
    I’ve never been a fan of Mondays; there’s a certain dread that a Monday morning brings so I plan to bring a little bit of the weekend magic to my weekdays with a mid week trip, preferably to somewhere sunny.
  3. Make a Wall Gallery 
    Returning back to my apartment after being away for a few months really helped me see it through fresh eyes and clarified which areas needed tweaking. I’ve been on a fruitless hunt for a piece of art to go above the dining table but I’ve now decided to change tack and instead make a wall gallery compiling some of my favourite images.
  4. Make Frozen Yoghurt Sundaes
    There are lots of desserts that I’d pick over ice cream but a colourful fruit topped sundae epitomises summer. My version of a summer sundae will include layers of frozen yoghurt and plenty of summer berries.
  5. Host a Euro 2016 Party
    It was great to be back in England for the group stages of Euro 2016 and I’ll still be following along with the rest of the tournament from California. I plan to celebrate the end of the Championship with a final viewing party.
  6. Have an Evening Picnic
    I usually plan picnics at lunchtime but with longer days an evening time picnic would be a fun alternative.
  7. Go on a Road Trip 
    I love road trips and California’s coastline is the perfect setting so a summer road trip has become an annual tradition, complete with an ever evolving playlist.
  8. Try Iced Tea
    I am a recent convert to herbal tea and I’ve enjoyed having an alternative to coffee. I sampled a variety of flavours back in England but have yet to try an iced tea, I think it will make a refreshing treat on a sunny day.
  9. Have an Alfresco Brunch at Dynamo Donuts
    I regularly walk past the dynamo doughnut kiosk but have never stopped to pick anything up. As The American is a doughnut fan and I will go anywhere for a coffee, I’m planning to stop by one Sunday and pick up a snack to enjoy with an oceanfront view.
  10. Play around to create a Peachy Makeup Look
    As summer approaches I find myself reaching for bronze and peachy tones and I have my eye on a couple of shades that I hope will become a go-to summer look for me.

What fun summer activities do you have planned?


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