Easter Nail Polish Eggs

eggbags (1)As a Christian country, the UK has a four day weekend for Easter and it has always been one of my favourite times of the year. Growing up Holy Week always culminated with a big celebration on Easter Sunday with family or friends, small gifts and an Easter egg hunt. Although my celebrations will be a smaller scale this year I wanted to make a few gifts for friends and as a lover of nail polish I thought these would make the perfect present to mark the occasion.

Nail Polish in Spring Shades
Plastic Eggs
Easter Grass
Plastic Treat Bags
Ribbon and tag

supplies (1)
Step 1: Pick a nail polish shade for each of your friends


Step 2: Fill the bottom half of the egg with shredded paper and lay the nail polish inside


Step 3: Fill each treat bag with easter grass and chocolates

Step 4: Put the lid back onto the bottom of the egg and place on top of the grass inside the bag


Step 4: Tie ribbon around the top of the bag and attach a name tag



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