My week…

deskflowers2 (1)  In lieu of a Christmas tree I’m now recreating the scent with this fresh balsam candleblushblanketI’ve swapped my deep berry nail polish for a pretty blush pink and started using the glossier balm dotcom in an attempt to fight against winter dry skin
jayzbA sweet card from The American because “I love me some Jay-Z” bedtimereadingCurrent bedtime reading; brushing up on my British history

Since moving to the States I have been suffering from regular headaches and this week a migraine style headache struck which forced me to take solace in a dark bedroom. In lieu of bright lights I have been burning some relaxing candles and as my headache eased I have managed to reintroduce some bedtime reading into my routine, I’m currently polishing up on my British history with this fun series of short snippets of historical events.

james-adele-main-6025fada-051c-42be-b3e7-8f2887f5fdfaSince moving abroad, British artists and acts are become even more appealing to me and whenever I’m need of a slice of home I turn on an episode of Sherlock, The Office, or The Vicar of Dibley. For a quick 10 min fix I love James Cordon’s carpool karaoke and watching this episode with Adele made my week. It includes some Spice Girls karaoke which is pure British gold.

unionlarder1As I am walking around the city I love adding to my list of spots to try and this week I came across the Union Larder which is now top of my list of places to visit. While I love the comfort that comes from revisiting my favourite spots, this year I am making a conscience effort to try new places, whether it be finally hiking the Marin headlands and Mt Tamalpais or visiting a new neighbourhood cafe/bar.

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