How To: Halloween Candles

IMG_1547I spotted these Anthropologie striped tapers and knew they would make the perfect addition to my Halloween table, as I had already picked up some inexpensive candles I went about recreating my own DIY version.
They couldn’t be easier to make: you can decorate the candle in a couple of simple steps and they can be recreated in any colour combination depending on the candles and tape you have available. They are, however, only decorative and if you want to light them, simply peel the tape off and they will be restored to their former glory.

Candle in any colour of your choice
Black tape

candlesticks1. Select your candles and tape, either in classic black or play around with patterned washi tape.

2. Wrap the tape around the candle spacing them about the tape’s width apart, the tape easily peels off so if you make a mistake it is easy to remove the tape and reposition it.

3. Use one candle to line up the tape for the next candle so they are symmetrical.taped

4. Put candle into your candlestick and display. As the tape is easy to peel off you can switch around the tape to suit different occasions, or, completely remove it to light the candle.IMG_1553

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