Desk Wall Gallery

wallgallery6Living so far from home I like the apartment to feel homely and for me having artwork on the wall is the easiest way to achieve this. There are a few empty wall spaces that I am working on filling but I have finally completed the space above my desk.
Here are the steps I took to create my wall gallery:

frames1. Pick Your Prints
I like to use a variety of sizes and a mix of landscape and portrait prints.

wallgallerypics2. Lay out the order on the floor
Take a photo of the arrangement to ensure you remember the order when you come to hang them on the wall.

paperframes3. Cut paper templates the size of each frame
By using paper you can play around with the layout before making holes in the wall.

4. Use the paper templates to decide the spacing of each frame
Once you are happy with the placement of each paper frame measure where the wire hangs on the print and mark the paper with a pen. Hammer a nail through the paper to ensure accurate placement and then take down the paper.

wallgallery3 5. Hang Your Frames
Hang your artwork on the nails in the order chosen in steps 2 and 3. Your wall gallery is now complete!

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